Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As I breath in the cool, crisp, morning air I reflect on how fortunate I am. I am where I belong, and I am truly thankful. It's just a small bistro table on the pavement by the door, surrounded by a neglected garden, but morning coffee in the yard is a blessing in itself. The sky is the color of a Tiffany box, and it peeks from behind the kudzu as the gulf breeze gently blows. The Spanish moss hangs heavy in the oaks from the early morning thunderstorm.The geckos play in the overgrown pansies like elusive little fairies, as the dog settles in at my feet. I sip my coffee slowly, and take it all in. "God is in his heaven and all is right with the world." Job interview today, second interview for a dog trainer position. Think positive ...the job is mine... they'll love me as much as I love dogs...What do you do for a living?  I am a dog trainer.  Dog Trainer / Student / Hypnotherapist / Blogger ?! Animal Trainer... I train dogs... I train animals, I'm a dog trainer. Yeah, I'm an animal trainer.  
Things to do today:

  1.  Interview at 1
  2.  buy postcards & stamps
  3.  find the box with my script notebook
  4.  pick up Liv from Science Club at 4
  5.  make spaghetti
  6.  finish schoolwork (at least the overdue assignments)  

COFFEE CUP IS EMPTY - MUST REFILL...move to top of list

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